Saturday, March 29, 2008

Moving Chaos

Well, we're in the process of moving everything in the store back to the house.

I'm going to miss having the store, but my children (and their education) comes first.

I'm looking forward to selling at the Elmsdale Farmers Market starting in June. And as soon as I finish moving and get settled and organized, I'll be preparing for my new Natural Perfume workshops. I think these will be a lot of fun, where my customers will be able to host a workshop in their own home and I'll bring all the supplies, ingredients, and information needed to create your own perfume :)

I will also be going back to home parties, where my customers (and their friends and family) can shop in the convenience of their own homes.

Of course, you can always order online as well. I'm having my website updated so it will be very professional and easy to use.

I'll be creating new essential oil blends for soap very soon :) I think they will be a hit. I've been creating them in my mind for the last couple of months - now I just need to see if they'll work out in real life.

Without having the store, I should be able to have more time to update my blog more often. So stay tuned :)