Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New Chain Maille Fascination

I love jewelry. I don't wear it much, since I'm usually working at home. But I do love it.

I enjoy helping my children when they design their jewelry. I would like to sell what I make, but with a wonderful jewelry maker at the Elmsdale Farmers Market (and she really does fabulous silver wire-work), I wanted to go in a different direction in case I decided to take things to the market for sale.

So, I decided to try out chain maille. And I've fallen in love (once again!). It's very time consuming, and it took me 3 evenings to make my first bracelet (which was a fairly simple Byzantine weave), but after a few repetitions it went fairly smoothly. And if I hadn't been watching the Olympics at the same time I probably would have finished it much quicker :)

Anyway, here are some pics. After some practice, I'd like to offer some pieces in copper, fine silver, and possibly 10k solid gold (even though it's expensive...)