Friday, January 30, 2009

Apricot Freesia Soap

Well, my Fun & Funky soap production has really slowed down since the Farmer's Market has closed for the season. But I wanted to make something that I could make around my daughter, since she's been home the last few weeks with this nasty respiratory flu that's been going around (and yes, I have been feeling the effects of it, but I'm trying to rest as much as possible so it doesn't get too bad). So I decided to do a log of Apricot Freesia soap. And since it's coming up to Valentine's Day, I thought I'd make it with a pink swirl :)

These are available now in my Etsy shop. If you're local and I don't need to ship it just let me know in the Message to Seller box during checkout that you'd like to pick it up in person and I'll let you know the total minus the shipping :) And right now I have a BOGO Free sale going on for a limited time, so you can choose a 2nd type of soap for free :) Just check out what's in my Etsy shop and make your selection from the varieties available.

Happiness Thought of the Day:
"The path to happiness can be found by doing as much good as you can by all the means you can."

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sun Island Soap Almost Ready

My Sun Island Soap is almost ready for sale. This is the soap you want to use when you're head is all stuffed up from a cold. Scented with essential oils of eucalyptus, rosemary, benzoin resin and peppermint this will start to clear out the sinuses :)

This soap never looks the same from batch to batch. It's a bit finicky to work with, but it's a popular bar with my customers so I keep making it :)

Along with the essential oils listed above, it has wonderful oils such as lots of olive, coconut, palm, avocado and unrefined, fair-trade shea butter, and beeswax from a local apiary. I colour it with red clay. Sometimes it's a defined swirl, other times it's a layer. This batch it's all just kinda mixed in for a speckled pattern. This isn't the prettiest batch I've made, but it still works :)

These are stamped and just need to cure for another few days, then they'll be ready for sale. I'll have them up in my Etsy shop within a week or so. Once they're up, they're good to go :)

Happiness Thought of the Day:
"There is no greater happiness than going out of your way to do something for a good cause in which your part is only discovered by chance."

Thursday, January 22, 2009

January Giveaway Winner!!!

And the winner of the seaglass bracelet designed and made by Lori at NovaScotiaBeachGlass is Digital Misfit! Digital, I've sent your email address to Lori so she can get your mailing address. The drawing was completely random, using but I messed up when trying to copy the picture of the screen shot to paste it here. I sometimes am a bit of a dolt when it comes to techie computer stuff...

Thank you to everybody who took a look at Lori's Etsy shop - I think my favourite has to be the Emerald Green Seaglass Earrings :)

I hope everyone is enjoying their January! It's been a bit sketchy here - weird weather is making it very difficult to get up my road, and I've been housebound a lot, especially this week. I watched a driver try to get his truck up my hill for over 1 1/2 hours this morning, with no success. So I decided I was going to stay nice & cozy inside my house. Which is fine, as my knee has been rather uncooperative lately... Usually, our road doesn't turn into an ice slide until February, when it starts to get milder, and we have the occasional rain that turns the snow to ice. Oh, well...

Spring will soon be here :) I'm looking forward to planting some new gardens, as much as my knee will allow, anyway!

Oh, and I have a BOGO Free Sale at my Etsy shop Not sure how long I'll have the sale, so if you want to get 2 for the price of 1 now's the time to do it :)

Happiness Thought of the Day:
"Don't squander your happiness in empty words - it is to be treasured; happiness is exciting, enthusiastic and magnificent."

Monday, January 5, 2009

January GiveAway - Nova Scotia Beach Glass!

This lovely bracelet (which is actually a blue/green seafoam colour, not white) is being donated by Lori at Willow Black Lab (mostly beach glass supplies Lori and her black lab Willow find on their treasure hunting expeditions) / Nova Scotia Beach Glass (beautiful jewelry Lori designs and creates with the treasures she finds along the shores of Nova Scotia). This is what Lori told me about how she started collecting beach glass:
"Willow found me when she was only 4 weeks old and weighed in at a whoopping 3 lbs. So she started to travel to work with me and on my lunch hour we would head for the beach. I noticed broken glass and picked it up because I didn't want her to cut her paws or eat it. Then one day I found a perfectly smooth and frosty piece of cobalt blue . I was amazed and hooked on beach glass from then on. It's been over 5 years that I've hunted for seaglass and eachpiece I find still holds me in amazement just like the first piece."

The bracelet is 7.5 inches long , silver plated and has seafoam green beach glass.

All you have to do is go to either of her Etsy webshops (you can click on the links above) and make a comment below as to what your favourite piece is. On January 15th, I'll be making a random draw from all the people that commented for the winner of the bracelet :)

I've recently bought a few items from Lori. I've been experimenting with making jewelry pieces for over a year now, and thought I'd try my hand at using beach glass. I got the following items:
I'm really looking forward to playing with them to see what I come up with. I took a class last spring on wire-wrapping, and we used beach glass. We shall see what wire designs the above pieces call out for :)

And since this is my first post of 2009, I wish you all a Happy New Year! May 2009 bring you peace, happiness and prosperity :)

The Enfield Farmers Market is finished for the winter. Thank you to everybody in the community that came out and supported your local vendors! We'll be opening up again in June. For anybody that wants to order Clean & Bright products, you can see what I have available by going to my Etsy shop here. If you're local and want to arrange to pick up your order, feel free to place your order on Etsy and put a comment in the Message to Seller box that you'd like to pick it up. I'll let you know what the actual total is in Canadian funds since you won't have to pay for shipping. Also, I'm now available for home parties. If you'd like to host a home party please email me at and I'll send you some information. I won't be doing very many home parties due to my knee injury. But I am up for doing 1-2 every month until my knee surgery is scheduled...

May your day be filled with sunshine :)